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"ASAN service" was awarded with the United Nations Prize

In the frame of Forum there was organized an international exhibition in the field of public services. “ASAN service” drew the most attention at the exhibition and this model was distinguished by its uniqueness from the aspect of public service delivery by the organizing committee of the event.

In the frame of the visit to Colombia, there was conducted a meeting of the Chairman of the State AgencyInam Karimov with the adviser of the UN Secretary-General on economic development issues, Lenni Montiel, and director of the Colombian Public Services Agency, Liliana Caballero. During the meetings, there was discussed to avail the experience of “ASAN service” for the development of the relevant field, also emphasized regarding the prospects of bilateral cooperation and partnership.

It should be noted that, UN Public Service Delivery Forum has been conducted on June 23-26, in Medellin, Colombia.The aim of the event, as traditionally, is to present the most advanced models in the field of UN 2015 public service delivery. Simultaneously, through the Forum there was implemented promotion of application of such successful experience as “ASAN service” and other awarded models in different countries.

The heads of leading ministries and organizations from different countries, international experts, mass media and more than 1000 representatives from the business sphere have attended at the current year’s Forum.

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